“Baby Town” Launcher Icon

"Baby Town" Launcher Icon

I decided to brush up on my Adobe Illustrator skills and create a launcher icon for a concept my wife Samanta Miszkiel is working on. The concept is for an app that would help parents find restaurants and cafes around town that are baby friendly. I’ll try to explain my process below.

While “baby friendly” covers things like high chairs, changing tables and microwaves, room for strollers seems to be the most eye catching issue for parents with newborns (as we have now experienced first hand). For that reason I chose to focus on strollers when approaching this icon.

I first started sketching out several different stroller designs to explore all the options. I was stuck thinking of map pins and icons associated with maps and travel for a while, but finally stopped thinking of function and started thinking of purpose and I went back to the thought behind the concept: Going out in town with a baby! That meant maps and pins were out and the idea of a city skyline fit perfectly (gentle nod to Malmö’s Turning Torso in there).

When it came to execution, I tried to keep things pretty simple and do something that was both flat and material design inspired.

Icon Iterations

You can find out more about this concept at Samanta’s portfolio.

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