Twinfusion is a social party game that can be played by 4-24 players simultaneously using their phones as controllers and running the game in a web browser. The game was developed in under 48 hours during the Arabic Game Jam 2014 in Malmö, Sweden. Players take control of a tiny djinn stuck in limbo who must find his twin (another player of the same color) and merge with them and the two must together head for an exit portal before other players get to it.

The game was well recieved by the panel of judges at the game jam who praised it for “Great networking, technically and socially!”

Twinfusion was technically exciting and new at the time and the potential it offered us made it one of my favorite jams. We kept controls simple and restricted to 4-directional movement only which allowed to get creative in other areas. When the game begins, the players have no idea which djinn they are controlling, so their first task is to figure that out by moving around and looking for the djinn that is matching their input. The next step is to locate the matching djinn and move towards them to merge. This is not as easy as it seems as the other player might not know which djinn they are controlling yet as well as being shoved around by other djinn. Once the two djinn merge, both players share control of the big djinn and must coordinate their movements to reach the exit. Depending on the number of players and the size of the room, players might not know who their partner is and communication can become difficult. Seeing two players yell out when they win and suddenly realize that they were teammates was one of my favorite things to watch.

Role: I did game design, testing, all the Arabic & English calligraphy in the UI, recording and editing sound effects and composing the music.


  • Jaffar Salih – Design, Sound/Music, Art
  • Samanta Miszkiel – Design, Art, Sound.
  • Erik Nilsson – Art
  • Dharam Kapila – Programming
  • Jeremy Tuloup – Programming

You can find the game’s Github repo here!