Local Multiplayer Stealth in No Ninja Left Unseen: A game jam postmortem

Last weekend I participated in the Game Zanga 6 game jam along with my wife Sam and our friend Torsten. Game Zanga is the biggest game jam event in the arab world with 83 games made at multiple sites across 8 countries this year. Since we’re all the way up here in Sweden, we jammed remotely from our apartment. Theoretically that was a great idea since we had the baby (4 months old woooo!) and we still had to take care of her. What happened is that over the whole weekend, Torsten and I probably managed to get in may Read More

Game feel & showdowns in The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been hands down my favorite game of 2015. I was hooked on the story, dialogue, combat, visuals and let’s not forget the music… I actually listen to the soundtrack on my way to work! I can’t wait to get my hands on the upcoming expansion whenever that comes out. Last week we gave students at the game design course I’m teaching on the assignment to choose a moment from a game and write about how that moment feels. Breaking it down and looking at all the components involved in that moment in a similar Read More

Of exploits and cheese

Tonight I’d like to share a thought on exploits through an example I experienced recently in Destiny. If you’re unfamiliar with Destiny, it is an online first-person shooter set in a “Mythic Science Fiction” world. The game borrows many elements from MMOs and role-playing games such as character classes/specializations, progression, and open-world areas. This past weekend, the guys and I decided to re-play the “Crota’s End” raid (6-player mission) in Destiny for old times’ sake. None of us really needed any loot from this raid and we did it purely for the fun of it. We got to an encounter called Read More

First post! some light game analysis

I’ve been wanting to start blogging for a while now as a way to record my thoughts and share them with whomever is interested. I don’t really want to limit my topics here but I have a feeling it will mainly revolve around games, design and the things I do. Today I’m going to take on the same assignment I gave to students in a game design course I’m teaching on that is part of the interaction design bachelor program at Malmö University. The assignment is to choose a game they like, and write a blog post analyzing the game and Read More