The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine Screenshots

I finally got around to finishing The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine recently and it was such a great way to end Geralt’s story. I love everything about this game and I could talk about it forever but who’s got time for that. The thing I really missed though was some kind of photo mode, which is why some of the screenshots I’m sharing have been slightly edited in Photoshop (small value adjustments and the occasional color balance or getting rid of subtitles). Some of the screenshots may be considered spoilers. Let’s start with some shots of the white wolf Read More

Uncharted 4: Pause and take screenshots!

So my wife got me Uncharted 4: A thief’s end for my birthday last month and while I really enjoyed playing it, this is not going to be a review or analysis or anything of that sort. This is just me sharing some of the many screenshots I took while playing. This post is sort of inspired by my friend Alex Camilleri who does something he calls ‘20 frames‘ where he posts screenshots from games he’s playing. This is a bit more than 20… I only started taking screenshots about halfway through the game which is a shame, but I Read More

Local Multiplayer Stealth in No Ninja Left Unseen: A game jam postmortem

Last weekend I participated in the Game Zanga 6 game jam along with my wife Sam and our friend Torsten. Game Zanga is the biggest game jam event in the arab world with 83 games made at multiple sites across 8 countries this year. Since we’re all the way up here in Sweden, we jammed remotely from our apartment. Theoretically that was a great idea since we had the baby (4 months old woooo!) and we still had to take care of her. What happened is that over the whole weekend, Torsten and I probably managed to get in may Read More

Of exploits and cheese

Tonight I’d like to share a thought on exploits through an example I experienced recently in Destiny. If you’re unfamiliar with Destiny, it is an online first-person shooter set in a “Mythic Science Fiction” world. The game borrows many elements from MMOs and role-playing games such as character classes/specializations, progression, and open-world areas. This past weekend, the guys and I decided to re-play the “Crota’s End” raid (6-player mission) in Destiny for old times’ sake. None of us really needed any loot from this raid and we did it purely for the fun of it. We got to an encounter called Read More